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Storeis at the University of Padua for the Ecommerce Laboratory

The Ecommerce Workshop held by our founder Andrea Vit within the Degree Course in Communication of the University of Padua started in November and ended on Tuesday 17 January, followed by prof. Marco Bettiol.

45 hours of training in which students could learn the mechanisms that revolve around the world of ecommerce, explore its underlying logic, challenges, and trends, and gain awareness of fundamental digital skills.


Frontal and in-company lessons for a global approach to training

To guarantee students a complete vision and direction to the course, the Laboratory was provided with a hybrid program:

  • Andrea and the various Storeis teams provided classroom lessons: Marketing & Media, Website Optimization, and Digital Analytics, to learn about all the areas of expertise necessary for the correct management of an ecommerce and provide a solid theoretical basis
  • an outing at the Amazon BLQ1 fulfillment center, a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of one of the giants in the world of ecommerce
  • an open day in the Storeis offices to talk to the people who work at Storeis every day and learn about the roles within an agency, with an equal approach
  • project work in close collaboration with real clients: partner companies that have dedicated their time in the classroom and remotely to work on real projects and allow students to put the knowledge they have learned into practice.


A format appreciated by students

The students tried their hand at Digital Marketing projects commissioned by the world of sport, fashion, and design & furniture, such as Bike N Go, Ettomio, Non Solo Sport, Philippe Model, and Scarpa. The companies have brought their testimonies and told behind-the-scenes stories of their daily work.

The experience was formative for both parties: for the young people it can be difficult to find someone who can tell in detail the daily activities that are carried out in the agency; and for us who held the lessons it was an opportunity to deal with interlocutors different from those we are used to, listening to their questions and reflecting with them on the future of a constantly changing sector

Giulia Zagagnin, Ecommerce Optimization & SEO Consultant @ Storeis

A format that worked and was greatly appreciated by the students who devoted themselves enthusiastically to the final work: SAM SOLUTIONS and E-Team won the prize for best project, attention to detail, and clarity of presentation.


Unipd and Storeis: a partnership that enhances the territory

Storeis has been collaborating for years with Università di Padova, a center of excellence for education and research, but for the first time three connected worlds have been brought together at the table: agency, university, and companies.

The Workshop was an opportunity to once again confirm the attention that Storeis has for the local area of Padua and training: a combination that has found the perfect formula in the University of Padua.

Returning back to the University as a teacher is always a great satisfaction. It is an occasion to show the internal point of view of those who work in this sector. For students, on the other hand, providing vertical and targeted courses is always an excellent launch pad for the world of work!

Marco Guerra, Ecommerce Optimization & SEO Consultant @ Storeis

The future of hybrid work is here!

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