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We will describe the different recruitment steps in detail, so that you can tackle it calmly and knowingly. Our priority is putting you at ease.

How To:
our recruitment process in 7 simple steps

Will I receive an answer? Will you read my resume? Who is going to interview me?

When you send your application, you’ll start asking yourself these and a million other questions. We know, you’ll be a little anxious 😉
To let you know how to tackle the recruitment phase in the best way possible, we came up with this guide to make the most out of this journey.

Good luck! 🍀



It may be a little obvious, but the first step is to explore all our open positions find the one best suited to you, and send us your application. Tell us about who you are and what you are good at in just a few lines.

P.S.: If you want some advice, when you apply, subscribe to our newsletter. We came up with some of the contents so that you could prepare for your interview.

P.S.2.: We love challenging ourselves, and you? Inside the website, you’ll find quizzes to show us what you’ve got 😉


Your application has been successfully submitted

Once you’ve sent your resume, you will receive an email confirming that your profile has been received correctly. And now the fun part!


Application Evaluation

The application assessment and evaluation process can last up to 2 months after an application has been received. If your profile is not in line with the current open job position, we reserve the right to contact you again in the future for other job openings.


Shall we have a little chat?

Done! Your resume intrigued us and we’d like to have a little chat with you. Our HR Team will notify some dates for the first interview, so we can get to know each other.

Take a look at our website, to know who we are and what we do, and tell us about you and your passions. Be yourself and everything will work out just fine 😊


We liked you, should we expand on that?

You survived the first interview with our HR team, and now it’s time to get to know what could be your future team manager. Get ready, you need to stand out!


It’s time to discuss our offer

Great! Even your future manager liked you. What now? It’s time to talk about the business offer in another interview.


Welcome on board! You are part of the team 😊

We chose each other! Once you’ve accepted our offer and signed the appointment letter, you are ready to be officially part of the team!


We are looking for curious people, who want to go down new paths to turn ideas and projects into successful stories.

Explore all our open positions, find the one that most suits you and send us your application, telling us who you are and what you are good at.