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14 JUNE 2021
Moving Forward

We moved in June to our new home in via Carlo Leoni

A few months ago, we’ve moved: we are still in Padua city center, but we’ve moved from Galleria Milano 1 to Via Carlo Leoni 7, just 66 meters away, and yet everything has changed. 

The new spaces, located in a renovated 18th century palace, 4 times bigger than the previous location, have been designed to promote new hybrid work ways inspired by our 4 corporate principles:

  • Generating a positive impact (on people, on cities)
  • Enjoying conviviality and camaraderie once again
  • Enhancing cooperation
  • Letting creativity flow

With the help of Architect Claudia Gallo, we created a space that reflects our spirit and our values:

  • Less than one third of the area is devoted to desks and workstations, while the remaining space has been designed to stimulate creativity, cooperation, play and relaxation 
  • The areas include: a playroom with ping-pong table, Play Station and beer tap, hammocks (Yes, king size hammocks) and a big kitchen
  • Desktops are wheeled and height-adjustable to reconfigure the space for in-house and training events.

Instead of being assigned, workstations are on request, to promote the team layout based on the project assigned

And then, even though we are in Padua city center, we are surrounded by nature: on the terraces, in the meeting rooms and even on the desks, there are plants of any kind.

These are just some of the aspects that make Storeis a welcoming and familiar place to work, almost an extension of your own home, for the well-being of our employees and community.

We wanted to create a workplace for all and also giving a signal to the city, while maintaining a relevant presence in the city center, and ensuring the flexibility of working from home or from-anywhere to all our colleagues, based on their needs.

…what do you think? Did we succeed?

Storeis is a Great Place to Work®

With a 96% Trust IndexⒸ, Storeis obtained the Great Place to WorkⓇ certification, exceeding the benchmarks for ICT, Fast-Growing Companies and Small-Cap 2021.

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