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13 MAY 2021
Sustainable Fashion Trends

How is the attention to sustainability growing in the fashion sector? We surveyed the sustainable topics that mostly interested UK, US, French and Italian users in the last 3 years, and, as expected, the data confirm a growing trend for Google searches.

Specifically, starting in 2018, a significant increase of searches for certain popular and sustainable fashion brands – i.e. those brands that made sustainability their core business – can be observed. This rising trend further increased over the last months.

We analyzed the search intent on the search engines, and some significant trends for each Country have emerged:

This is the market more sensitive to this topic; indeed, the user interest for this topic is significantly higher than in other countries. Here, the focus is on sustainable sports apparel, using search terms such as swimwear, activewear, sportswear or gym wear.
In addition, the general search focuses on brands that offer sustainable garments.

Here, the users are focused on sustainability in the beauty sector, with makeup-centered searches.

Just like in Italy – countries where a strong interest for fashion is to be expected – the focus is mainly on sustainability from an institutional standpoint. The search intent is focused on the 2030 Agenda, 17 sustainable development goals, sustainable events and festivals.

Apart from the marked interest for institutional topics, a +350% growth for the  sustainable fashion keyword should be recorded in Italy, in the last 3 months, synonym with a significant rise in the interest for fashion sustainability.
In particular, Nike Vintage is the most popular search term for Vintage Fashion searches.

In addition, thanks to our partnership with Google (we are one of the few Italian agencies in Italy partners of the Google International Growth Program), we were able to analyze how the interest for keywords such as sustainable, circular and vintage fashion has grown, and we discovered that Athletic Shoes, Jeans & Trousers and T-Shirts are among the most searched ecommerce categories in UK and in Italy for vintage fashion in 2020.

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