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Digital Export: successfully approaching new markets

Victoria’s Secret Beauty is the official European ecommerce project dedicated to the Beauty division of the American brand Victoria’s Secret. The site was launched in 2021 and is currently managed by the Italian retail group Percassi. The main reference countries are Italy, France and Spain.

The site aims to become the European reference point for the Victoria’s Secret brand for the sale of beauty products, accessories and underwear.

  • Client
    Victoria’s Secret Beauty
  • Industry
  • Areas of Expertise
    Digital Export, Website Optimization, Digital Marketing

1. Project Goals

The French and Spanish ecommerce websites presented difficulties in the launch phase, mainly linked to a theme of internationalization.

We had identified some priority areas for action:

  • Usability issues
  • Translations
  • Support to the commercial strategy for each country
  • Different media planning by country

These issues affected the user’s shopping experience both in the analysis and product selection, and in the final checkout phase.

2. Approach

Storeis is one of the 11 agencies in Italy part of the International Growth Program and has the opportunity to access a series of exclusive services:

For the Victoria’s Secret Beauty project we have specifically activated:

  • Market Evaluation & Prioritization
  • Market, Industry, Audience Insights
  • Language and translation quality review
  • Budget Recommendations

We worked together with Google’s support with the aim of finding tactical and immediate solutions to improve the shopping experience.

From the analysis conducted, some priority work areas emerged:

  • Revision of the language and correction of the tone of voice often discordant between the various pages of the site
  • Internationalization of functional purchasing elements, such as units of measure and sizes, but also payment methods and other elements of international standard
  • Checkout UX improvements aimed at eliminating the main barriers to purchase
  • Definition of a localized commercial strategy
  • Definition of a media plan for each country
  • Campaign updates based on weekly performance monitoring and analysis

Thanks to the collaboration with Google, an internationalization support process was initiated which focused on optimizing the UX of the product pages and the check out phase.

3. Results

After the closure of the first implementations, an improvement in the cart abandonment rate was immediately noticed in the check out phases in both sites examined.

The loss of users from the Cart Page to the Order review has significantly decreased: in fact, up to 26% of users in France and up to 66% on the Spanish site have been recovered.

+26% users recovered from the Cart Page at the Order review in France
+66% users recovered from the Cart Page at the Order review in Spain