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Monitoring the ecommerce stock to guide strategic decision making

The project was completed for a popular American brand, an international leader in the Fashion and Beauty sectors, which mainly distributes body products, perfumes, fragrances and lingerie at international level.

The European ecommerce was launched in 2021; however, the Brand has an excellent positioning, thanks to its strong reputation. The main reference countries it works with are Italy, France and Spain.

  • Sector
  • Areas of Expertise
    Digital Intelligence, Martech

1. Goals

The Brand had highlighted the following objectives:

  • Monitoring the stock trends daily
  • Analyzing price trends and related benchmarks
  • Taking strategic decisions on digital campaigns, by monitoring the ecommerce stock

2. Approach

In order to support the Brand in reaching its goals, we studied and implemented the process, starting from product feed data, and complementing them with further details, useful for stock monitoring.

The customer’s Google Merchant Center had an essential role in extracting product, stock and price data.


By processing data and sorting them based on the purpose, we developed dashboards in Google Data Studio, and created a dedicated Data Visualization, to summarize the KPIs useful for the company to make strategic decisions.
n particular, the main data we focused on were:

  • Stock trends
  • Stock availability with related alerts for products that were almost out of stock
  • Price monitoring and their comparison on the market

3. Key Wins

By focusing on monitoring the customer’s prices and stock, we were able to achieve the following results:

  • +10% improved performance of digital campaigns
  • Creation of a monitoring dashboard with alerts on the products subject to stock-out
  • Creation of a monitoring dashboard that tracks the price trends for best-selling products on the market