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Using marketing automation to boost conversions

Trilab è is a leading company in Italy in the hair care sector. Founded in 1993, it now boasts 12 salons and 2 training centers.

Founded in 2014, Trilab Hair Shop is an ecommerce specialized in the sale of haircare products. Over the years, it has greatly expanded the breadth of its catalog, also integrating personal care and make-up lines.

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    User-based Marketing

1. Project Goals

In 2021 we partnered with Trilab to boost online marketing investments focusing on the newsletter channel, traditionally one of the most profitable sources of traffic and revenue for business.

The main goals of this project were:

  • To increase total turnover from the email channel, reducing dependency on paid advertising and to divert a part of these savings to other/new business activities
  • To identify buyer personas in the company’s user database to create user-based contents
  • To set up an efficient email marketing automation framework, in order to tailor communication messages to buyer personas
  • To identify weaknesses in the current newsletter channel by analyzing sales and user behavior

To review the current content plan, customizing product suggestions and promotions based on personas instead of generalizing and therefore, working on a higher conversion rate.

4. Strategic analysis of content to improve the performance of emails linked to the subjects of product and promotions, based on the analysis of importance to the personas. Specifically:

  • An analysis was performed of user conduct in terms of the orders and products ordered to understand how to improve current business strategy
  • Future business strategy guidelines were defined
  • A selection of products to change and/or push through the email marketing channel was identified
  1. 5. Definition and grounding of the first email journey and relative workflows, from the general steps (e.g., abandoned cart, welcome kit, …) to specific ones, based on the personas identified. Below is an example of some of the workflows created for the new client acquisition stage

6. Monitoring, control and adjustment based on weekly/monthly results. A monitoring system was activated, through the implementation of dedicated dashboards to optimize the implemented journeys

7. Integration between the email marketing and advertising channels. Thanks to CDP, we worked on integrating some specific journeys and the main channels of digital marketing (Google and Facebook, first and foremost)

3. Key Wins

The main results we have achieved are:

  • A significant increased in total turnover for the email channel, already in the three months after an average growth of 40% compared to the first months of the year, in terms of revenue
  • Consolidation of the email marketing automation channel, able to generate notable influence on total channel turnover within a short amount of time; this is estimated between 5 and 10%.  The growth in the channel’s recorded revenue compared to the previous year was +70%
  • Identification and grounding of a more efficient business strategy, able to support the total sales generated by the channel. This is specifically noted in the improvement of the global conversion rate: in the quarter after the change, the CR of newsletters linked to content (not linked to automation) increased by 10% compared to the previous quarter, the sessions recorded an increase of 40%.


+40% new customers
+70% overall customer value
+40% Online vs Offline turnover