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Arricchire l'architettura di Business Intelligence tramite i Dati Digitali


Enriching corporate Business Intelligence architecture through digital data

The project has been executed for an Italian retailer, leader in the cosmetics sector, specialized in natural products without superfluous chemicals in them.

In 20 years of history, the Company developed a wide range of products, distributed both in physical stores and on their ecommerce website. Over time, this enterprise managed to build a brand characterized by a strong customer retention.

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    Digital Intelligence

1. Goals

We worked with the brand to complete their corporate Business Intelligence; project objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Enriching corporate Business Intelligence (BI) architecture through digital data
  • Analyzing digital property performance and online marketing activities embedded into the corporate BI
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns with a data-driven approach integrated within corporate data

2. Approach

The project was divided into several phases, starting with the creation of a Business Requirements Document, in order to assess the situation as-is and any to-be necessities

Then, we structured and conducted in-depth surveys with the main corporate stakeholders, which proved essential to identify any critical issues, needs and new requests to add to the BI.

This also helped us to map the main KPIs, crucial to build and identify the different Datasets and the related Data Model.


Adopting a universal Naming Convention for the project was also necessary to combine and sort all the information available.

Through a vendor selection, we identify the best technology tool for the brand for data extraction, transformation and loading, which we then loaded in the corporate Data warehouse.

The last BI construction phase was building a Data Visualization in Qlik Sense suitable to consult data and corporate requests.

After 6 months of project, we created a Data Quality to validate the Business Intelligence achieved.

3. Key Wins

The results obtained for the Brand were important for data analysis purposes, and led to:

  • Identification of the ETL tool through vendor selection to combine company data with digital ones, being able to monitor the different digital KPIs by crossing them with the offline ones
  • Creation of dashboards, with a focus on the results of marketing activities to support the analysis
  • Creation of a digitalized BI, with real-time business data, able to support marketing choices and campaign management