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Trilab | Transforming hair care retail through a 360° digital approach

Trilab is a leading company in Italy in the hair care sector. Founded in 1993, it now boasts 12 salons and 2 training centers.

Founded in 2014, Trilab Hair Shop is an ecommerce specialized in the sale of haircare products. Over the years, it has greatly expanded the breadth of its catalog, also integrating personal care and make-up lines.

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    Online Advertising, SEO, Website Optimization, Digital Marketing, Digital intelligence, Consulting

1. Project Goals

From 2017 to 2021, thanks to our partnership, Trilab has seen its online business grow tremendously with increased investment in online marketing, content optimization, and new digital technologies. The main goals are described below:

  • Increasing  online turnover on total sales while maintaining a solid and sustainable economic balance
  • Acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones, while avoiding occasional customer acquisition strategies and working on high retention potential customers
  • Rethinking the business model from an omnichannel perspective with a multichannel integration approach between ecommerce and brick and mortar stores.

3. Key Wins

The main results we achieved so far are:

  • Online turnover vs. offline turnover increase from 40% to 70%, while maintaining marketing costs unchanged
  • A strong increase in new customers, up 350% between 2019 and 2020, and a 30% increase in overall customer value over the same period
  • Integration of the omnichannel retail functions (Click & Collect, cross-channel promotions, …) and data for the creation of a unique customer view
+30% online turnover vs. offline turnover
+350% new customers increase
+30% omnichannel retail functions