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Strengthening digital business through an integrated and full-funnel approach

Rossignol is a major international brand in the winter sports equipment sector, specializing in the manufacturing of hard goods for winter sports. A few years ago, it also entered the skiwear and lifestyle segment. The ecommerce is active in the main international countries, in particular Europe and North America, and is focused on the sale of the Apparel collection.

The French group’s sales are mainly generated by the wholesale channel, with the support of over 30 direct stores and a presence on the main marketplaces, including Farfetch, Zalando and Tmall.

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    Online Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, Digital Intelligence, Website Optimization

1. Project Goals

The Direct-to-Customer channel sells based on seasonal interest in winter sports since the brand is one of the most recognized by professionals in the various snow sports disciplines.  The objective of the ecommerce project is to maximize sales volumes in peak season, with a strong acquisition of new customers, and deseasonalize the business during the summer period.

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    Optimization of the ecommerce channel thanks to a visibility improvement on search engines and the general usability of the site

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    Increased effectiveness and efficiency of investments through the consolidation of digital business interaction data

  • Exploration of mid-upper funnel and drive-to-store opportunities to counter the saturation of the media budget linked to inbound and pure performance campaigns.

3. Key Wins

Thanks to the performance-based digital marketing campaigns and SEO optimization, the ecommerce channel recorded +200% in turnover with +20% in YoY sessions.

The increase in turnover was confirmed also in the second winter season, thanks to the rationalization of performance investments and the doubling of the Conversion Rate (CR).

Drive-To-Store activities led in winter 19-20 to an all-time peak in browsing requests to stores on Google Maps and an exponential increase in store locator traffic. Even though the global pandemic has downsized the winter sports market due to a 30% drop in interest in the sector recorded on the previous winter and the closure of many brick-and-mortar stores, the strategy of running campaigns to support awareness on YouTube, organized with Google, led to a 100% increase in Brand Search Lift, doubling the interest in Rossignol for the millions of users exposed to the message. In this manner, ecommerce growth remained stable even during the most difficult winter for winter sports equipment brands.

+200% Turnover
+20% YoY sessions
+100% Brand Search Lift