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Enhancing Performance Marketing Through Strategic Consulting

Diesel is a lifestyle fashion brand, indisputable leader in the denim segment. The company -a long-term client of Storeis- needed support in drafting an integrated marketing performance strategy and in orchestrating the various stakeholders involved in digital marketing for the European e-store.

To meet this need, we developed an innovative advanced strategic consulting program.

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    Consulting, Digital Marketing

1. Goals

The project was built in a tailor-made way around the following objectives:

  • Structuring a data-driven performance marketing strategy to support Diesel’s European Ecommerce Team
  • Bringing advice, best practices, and innovative solutions into performance marketing, working closely with the Diesel teams and their Media Agency
  • Balancing the media ROI, while optimizing the efficiency of the advertising channels

2. Approach

The approach to the project resulted in an advanced consultancy related to digital marketing activities. In particular, Diesel needed to expand its own strategic vision through the introduction of best practices and innovative solutions, in order to stimulate both the brand and the Media Agency to evolve existing activities and bring greater value in terms of visibility, efficiency and ROI.

The project lasted one year (from January to December 2021) and was articulated in different phases, from the initial onboarding to the definition of a shared path up to the ad hoc analyses.



After the initial mapping of the status quo, a roadmap was set up, including objectives, actions, and deliverables for the achievement of the project milestones.

The first step of strategic advice evolved into ongoing support to the team throughout the year. According to the needs and priorities emerged in the initial audit, we delivered a well-rounded set of activities, from tests to assessments, from ad hoc analyses to strategic and operational support in key moments of the commercial calendar.

At the end of the first year of the project, the Diesel team reconfirmed our strategic consultancy for the following year.

3. Key Wins

The main results were obtained thanks to an effective collaboration and teamwork between the Diesel’s and Storeis’s teams and can be summed-up as follows:

  • Consolidation of standard routines to better perform internal and external digital marketing processes
  • Improvement of performances for Paid Shopping and Retargetingthanks to an in-depth catalog analysis and the release of new technical features for feed-based campaigns
  • Launch of special media projects on different marketplaces
  • Improved acquisition and retention strategies through the introduction of enhanced bid strategies and a reviewed budget allocation on Google Search Ads 360