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Increase Ecommerce Conversions through real User Tests

Rossignol is a major international brand in the winter sports equipment sector, specializing in the manufacturing of hard goods for winter sports. A few years ago, it also entered the skiwear and lifestyle segment. The ecommerce is active in the main international countries, in particular Europe and North America, and is focused on the sale of the Apparel collection.

The French group’s sales are mainly generated by the wholesale channel, with the support of over 30 direct stores and a presence on the main marketplaces, including Farfetch, Zalando and Tmall.

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    UX & CRO

1. Goals

The collaboration between Rossignol and Storeis started in 2019 and involved different practices that work together on different aspects, from digital marketing to SEO.

Parallel to the site optimization project, the need to analyze the behavior of users during navigation has also evolved to make the site experience more engaging and improve the conversion rate (CR). For this reason, a UX project was launched with three main objectives:

  • Collect information on how the different target users behave while interacting with the website and the difficulties they encounter, suggesting solutions to solve them
  • Provide insights into which elements to consider for graphic redesign
  • Identify the limits of the current catalog organization and define possible solutions.

2. Our Approach

The UX optimization project through User Testing began in May 2021, aiming to analyze how the different clusters of users utilize the site, what barriers they encounter and how to solve the identified critical issues.

To carry out this project, a well-defined roadmap was followed:

  • Analysis of user targets to carry out user texts in line with the brand: in particular, all test users were winter sports lovers (beginners and experts) who had never bought anything on


  • Definition of the test, with a list of tasks to be proposed to users to analyze the journeys in the areas of greatest interest for the brand
  • Organization of tests, managing contact with users, the definition of test slots and tools used
  • Execution, in whichthe users were observed by our analysts and recorded as they performed their assigned tasks. They were also asked to think aloud
  • At the end of the usability test, each user received a survey to provide more information about the test and, in general, about the website
  • Analysis of the tests, with a clustering of the problems that emerged, a prioritization of the issues, and a proposal of solutions to be implemented
  • Sharing of the report with Rossignol internal team
  • Definition of a roadmap and support in the implementation of corrections and optimizations

“Knowing the behavior of your users is key to optimizing the conversion rate and the customer experience. Thanks to the UX project in collaboration with Storeis, we have been able to improve the website and mobile experience with an extremely positive impact on conversions, as demonstrated by the double-digit growth of the CR

Laura Benedettino, Head of Direct-To-Consumer @Rossignol Group

3. Key Wins

The key wins obtained were many, the most important can be summarized as follows:

  • Thanks to the insights that emerged from the optimization project, the whole team focused on working on all the activities that impact on CR
  • CR increased by 53%
  • In some specific European countries, CR growth was 20-30% higher
+53% CR YoY increase for the same traffic