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Campagnolo: lancio nuovo prodotto Ekar


How to launch a New Product: The Ekar Case

Campagnolo is a premium brand of High End Components for Racing Bikes established all over the world, with more than eighty years of history marked by innovation, quality and sporting successes. Its long history has contributed substantially to the birth and development of modern cycling.

Campagnolo is imbued with an innovative spirit that has become an integral part of the company’s DNA.

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1. Goals

Strengthened by the engineering and technological excellence that distinguishes it, the company has created the first Camp 13 High End Speed Group designed for gravel cycling, which combines the performance of the road with the spirit of adventure on the dirt road.

To support the introduction of this revolutionary product in the market, ambitious goals were established:

  • Launch and positioning of the new Ekar product in Europe and the United States
  • Increase brand awareness and expand into a new market segment: Gravel Cycling
  • Improve engagement and visibility of creative contents created for the launch

2. Our Approach

Campagnolo’s need was to launch an extremely innovative premium product and to position itself within an emerging, dynamic and stimulating segment such as Gravel Cycling. Starting from these assumptions and deepening our knowledge of the product itself, we worked closely with the company and the creative agency to enhance the product’s USPs through the development of vertical contents, highly contextual to the channels and platforms chosen in the media mix.

The product launch approach was to maximize efforts and resource allocation in a very short span of time and rank at the top of all major digital and industry-specific placements across multiple countries, including Italy, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States.

In particular, we worked on an activity plan with different goals for all the different channels:

  • Definition of the different targets to be reached and USP
  • Choice of the Media Mix and the best channels with the elaboration of a dedicated Media Plan and a forecast of the expected results
  • Identification of best practices and requirements for the contents to be pushed in correlation to the different channels and targets

During the launch, the website was at the center of the several campaigns activated and the channels used, reaching the record of visits and the quality of the interaction.

We used specific channels to place and launch Ekar with different formats and placements:

  • Search ads on specific searches related to Gravel
  • Facebook Ads
  • Display
  • Youtube

YouTube was one of the main channels within the media mix, where through the launch video and the various forms and formats created ad hoc, it was possible to achieve the targeting goals, interaction and coverage with the campaigns.

To optimize the audience engagement to reach, the storytelling has been improved through the YouTube Ad Sequencing. In this way the user was exposed to various messages related to Ekar in line with the desired positioning of the brand.

3. Key Wins

The main results we have achieved are:

  • + 50% Sessions on the brand website YoY
  • + 40% Brand Searches in the launch period vs annual average
  • >12M Ads Impressions on Ekar
  • +1.3 Million Views on the YouTube launch video
  • x10 Time Viewed on YouTube Channel vs Previous period
+50% sessions on the brand website
+40% Brand Searches
x10 Time Viewed on YouTube