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SEO audit as a growth strategy for ecommerce

Patrizia Pepe is a fashion brand specialized in contemporary women’s apparel with a strong personality.

High digital awareness, and its capillary offline distribution, make Patrizia Pepe a reference point, not just in Italy, but also in Europe and in China.

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    Patrizia Pepe
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1. Goals

In September 2019, Patrizia Pepe’s online store underwent a replatforming. Unfortunately, the migration was not managed correctly, and the traffic drop at the end of 2019 is around 50%, while revenues register an average group of 37%

With the help of Storeis’ team, the need arises for an in-depth SEO Audit, and the following project goals are defined:

  • Supporting a brand in the post replatforming and migration phase (starting from a negative performance)
  • Analyzing the assets and identifying the obstacles that prevent a correct property enhancement
  • Defining an action strategy to solve the issues and promote long-term growth

3. Key Wins

The first results of the post-migration recovery begin to show already in February 2020, although, at first, they are discontinuous concerning the immediately subsequent period, due to the unexpected impact of the pandemic.

The actual recovery occurs in June 2020, and the main KPIs are completely positive in the YoY comparison (August):

  • Sessions YoY: +1,3%
  • Revenue YoY: +75,6%

In particular, despite the impact of the Covid-19 health emergency, 2020 ends with revenue in line with the previous year.
With further development of the SEO strategy applied to the multi-language and multi-country context, 2021 closes with significantly improved figures:

  • Sessions YoY: +57,4%
  • Revenue YoY: +95,6%
+1,3% Sessioni after 10 months
+75,6% Revenue after 10 months
+96% revenue 2021 vs 2020