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Editorial Strategy for Ecommerce: How to increase traffic and visibility through quality contents

Alce Nero is one of the leading Italian brands in organic food. It brings together organic farmers and processors, offering a range of 400 products online, in large-scale distribution and specialized stores. Environmental responsibility and respect for the people are the key values of the brand.

  • Client
    Alce Nero
  • Sector
  • Areas of Expertise
    SEO, Editorial Content Strategy

1. Goals

During the pandemic, Alce Nero promptly responded to the changed macroeconomic context through an integrated digital strategy. In particular, ecommerce and stock, able to withstand the intense pressure of the market, have allowed the brand to grow despite the new global scenario.
The lockdown has revived people’s desire to prepare meals at home with genuine products. The brand has positively faced this challenge and has managed to create a direct line with those users interested in the topic of food, nutrition and product quality.
In this process, it was a priority to build an Editorial Content Strategy, designed from an SEO perspective, in collaboration with the Stories team to achieve some main objectives:

  • Increase traffic and visibility to the ecommerce site, offering quality content that is of real interest to users
  • Create a SEO friendly content structure able to harmonize the commercial calendar and SEO seasonality
  • Create full synergy between brand strategy, communication, and ecommerce

Since 2020, as part of our digital evolution path, we have been collaborating with Storeis for everything related to SEO and more. Their professionalism, combined with a rigorous and informal approach at the same time, immediately made the collaboration very profitable and useful

Gianluca Locatelli, Ecommerce Manager @Alce Nero SpA

3. Key Wins

The first results arrived already in April 2021 and since then the growth has been constant and progressive.
In particular, the surveys of the last quarter (March-June 2022, compared to the same period of 2021) showed extremely positive results:

“Recipes” Area

  • +157% Impression YoY
  • +83% Click YoY

“Fatti di Bio” Area

  • +130% Impression YoY
  • +143% Click YoY 

Also at the process level, there is a considerable improvement, which takes the form of setting up a more agile and efficient workflow.

+157% Organic Impression YoY Recipes Area
+143% Organic Click YoY Fatti di Bio Area