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Go-to-market strategy: a full-funnel approach

A global brand serving the flexible media support market for photography and smartphoneography, JOBY offers a wide range of digital content creation products (grips, lights, microphones and tripods) and is part of Vitec Group’s Imaging Solution division.  Due to the exponential growth of video content for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch, a demand for user-friendly vlogging devices has emerged, where JOBY has established itself as a manufacturer of GripTight accessories and products for mobile devices and action cams, dedicated to content creators.

  • Client
  • Industry
    Consumer Electronics
  • Areas of Expertise
    Digital Marketing, Digital Intelligence, Online Advertising

1. Goals

Ahead of a major new product launch, the JOBY brand planned an event in the U.S. and a challenge on TikTok. At the commercial level, it established that the new products would be available exclusively on the D2C ecommerce channel during the launch phase to be subsequently distributed through online and offline sales channels. In this context, priority project objectives were defined, namely:

  • Icona-PlatformLaunch

    capitalize on the product launch with significant volumes of traffic to the site

  • Icona-Bersaglio

    maximize sales on the official channel during the period of sale exclusivity

  • Icona-Lavagna

    increase the Average Order Value (AOV) of ecommerce sales

3. Key Wins

In the 3 months of the push and performance phases, ecommerce recorded:

  • 2x volumes of sessions (maintaining the same quality of interactions to the site)
  • 5x volumes of revenues: doubled the percentage of add-to-cart and conversions
  • The AOV (Average Order Value) recorded a 50% increase confirming the effectiveness of the marketing activities to support the increase in average order value

The launch strategy focused on a strong initial investment to create the revenue uplift but most of the budget was spent in the push phase to maximize revenues.

The new normal for the ecommerce, after this launch phase, is 3 times higher in sessions and revenues than the initial scenario.


2x volumes of sessions
5x volumes of revenues
+50% Average Order Value