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Storeis meets Federico Marchetti: the man who put fashion on the net 

Federico Marchetti, founder of Yoox, visited us to tell us his story.

On the How is Made Day on October 24 – a day of training dedicated to the entire Storeis team that we organize about once a month – Federico Marchetti came to visit us to tell us about the launch of his new book.

In the book, Federico tells about his personal and professional adventures, tracing the path that led him to become a true pioneer of innovation in fashion, revolutionizing it forever through digital.

Born in Ravenna, Federico has always defined himself as a dreamer with a passion for innovation. After studying in Italy and the United States, in 2000 he founded Yoox, the world’s first lifestyle e-commerce site.

“In America I saw many success stories, young people who starting from scratch proved that their idea was the winning one: everything there seemed simple. Yet, I love my country and was sure that in many areas our competitive advantage should be enhanced. I then first brought fashion to the web, which in the early 2000s was in its infancy – there was no Facebook or iPhone and Amazon had only been operating in America for a few years.”

Federico Marchetti, Le Avventure di un Innovatore

Fifteen years later, following the merger between Yoox and Net-a-Porter, which saw the birth of a global luxury and fashion online giant – visited by over 1 billion users each year – the New York Times defined him as: “The man who put fashion online”.

The book, in addition to tracing the history of Yoox from its early days to its years of success, tells the challenges that Federico Marchetti had to face, the difficulties he overcame, and the opportunities he was able to seize. A hymn to courage and self-confidence with which Marchetti wants to convey to young people the message that anything is possible if you believe in your dreams and are willing to take risks.

“This book is proof that everyone can do it, and that sometimes chance and timing are important. Only if you put your passion and take risks can you grasp the fortuitous coincidences that your predisposition leads you to.”

Federico Marchetti, Le Avventure di un Innovatore

Ideas that have been carried forward by some former Yooxers who today are part of the Storeis team, including Andrea, our CEO & Founder, and that have allowed the development of realities like ours that work in the digital supporting fashion brands and beyond.

In addition to telling us his story and answering colleagues’ questions, Federico had lunch with us, fully entering – like a good adventurer – into the spirit of Storeis 😉

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