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20 NOVEMBER 2023
Storeis hosts TEDxSalon Palingenesi

On Saturday, November 18, in collaboration with TEDxPadova, we hosted for the first time at our offices the TEDxSalon Palingenesi event, dedicated to stories of rebirth.

The day saw the participation of many friends and numerous partners, in addition to the Storeis team.

The term “Palingenesi” has its roots in ancient Greek and means rebirth. It’s not just a second chance but a new life that implies big changes and new narratives.

A recurring theme for this TEDxSalon allowed us to explore some of the stories of rebirth that have originated in the Padua area and beyond.

Among the event speakers, we had the opportunity to listen to:

  • Luciana delle Donne, founder of Made in Carcere, an initiative aimed at providing a new opportunity for women prisoners and a second life for fabrics.
  • Alex Marino, co-founder of the Diana App, shared the origin of his project providing support and emergency intervention for women victims of violence.
  • Lastly, Alì Khan Qualandari, founder of Peace ‘n’ Spice, an ethnic restaurant that employed several refugees in the Padova area. Alì shared his story by tasting some dishes from his restaurant and taking care of the closing event’s aperitif.

This TEDxSalon was also an opportunity to tell about the Digital-mente project, which we care about. This initiative has seen us engaged in free training of young people in the area who face difficult situations or social hardship, helping them discover the immense opportunities that the digital world can offer for their professional future.

In a context dedicated to stories of rebirth and to those who dared to start again, there could not have been a better time to get together and conclude this beautiful project together with all those who supported us 💚

Want to know more?

We made a short video summarizing our adventure in this project, you can find it here 😊

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