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17 JUNE 2021
How important is a store locator for a retailer? 

A Store Locator is a key tool for online retail; however, it is often overlooked in the e-store evolutionary roadmaps. Here are some tips to enhance its value.

What is usually the first objection moved by an ecommerce manager, when we suggest they work on their store locator?

It is just an utility we don’t want to invest too much time on. And then, who lands there, just purchases on physical stores.

Is it true?

Our experience tells us that the Store Locator is a key tool for online retail; however, it is often overlooked in the e-store evolutionary roadmaps, and there is an organizational reason behind this:

  • The tool business stakeholder is the retail team, which sometimes has not a full digital sensitivity
  • The ecommerce team is more oriented to purchase flow and online conversion optimization.

This causes many retailers – including big ones – to have pretty basic store locators, which could be exploited more thoroughly instead, in an omnichannel view.

Here are some tips to enhance its value:

1) Use it to boost promotions directly in the store locator layout, by engaging a user oriented to traditional channels online

2) Use it for lead generation: users that register can be provided with updated info on the new collections available in physical stores

3) If the store warehouse is synchronized, you can start customizing the navigation experience from the store locator:

  • by showing the items available at the store (and by providing the option to reserve them)
  • by scheduling an appointment
  • by warning if the desired item is already present at the store, or by suggesting to order it online and receive it wherever they want (at home or in their favorite store)

4) Customize the catalog navigation experience, based on the relevant store with communication/visual merchandising activities (e.g. promos in your store, talk to your store manager, …).

These examples let us see how, starting with the store locator optimization, we can create effective omnichannel synergies and reach new potential customers via the SEO and personalized advertising activities.

How are you managing it?

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