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6 APRIL 2021

Fashion Ecommerce Filters: How to

Why are filters so important for fashion ecommerce? We looked into the major attention points for filter management and came up with a small guide.

Filters are very important for ecommerce, and for the fashion industry in particular. They help users access the type of products they want to explore in the easiest way possible. In addition, they make exploring and browsing through the product offer easier, thanks to clear and definite parameters.

By analyzing several ecommerce websites, it appears that:

  •  1 out of 4 users uses filters in the Listing pages
  •  The Conversion Rate for users who use filters is much higher compared to those who don’t use them

Therefore, we asked our colleagues in the SEO, UX and Analytics areas for some tips on how to optimize and exploit the filters better, and gathered many useful hints we’d like to share with you.

SEO Tips
Select the most used filters for every product category
Here are some examples: long/short sleeves, collar type, fit, material, style, …
Remember that the category + filter combination should land on an indexable and SEO-friendly page
Remove the indexing for those combinations that are not strategic to your business

UX Tips
Add the “sales” and “new arrivals” filters to the filters available
Remember to specify how many filtered products are available for each filter, so that the user is aware of the
quantity of products to explore
Show the filters that do not give any result, but remember to exclude the option to select them
Always offer a multi-filter selection, especially on mobile devices.

Analytics Tips
It may be a little obvious, but… always track filter use
Analyze how filter use affects the conversion rate
Assess whether a filter restyling is required to improve the conversion rate


Did you like this guide?

Now it’s your turn!
Optimize and improve your ecommerce filters, and the conversion rate will thank you 😎

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