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Successfully embracing the Full Funnel Challenge

Craftsmanship, attention to detail, pursuit of perfection: Santoni shoes express the excellence of Made in Italy.

The Marche-based company, founded in 1975 in Corridonia, today represents one of the international reference points in the production and distribution of luxury shoes for men and women.

Through the online store, Santoni sells its creations all over the world, even if the main reference markets are the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

  • Client
  • Sector
    Luxury Fashion
  • Areas of Expertise
    Digital Marketing, Communication

1. Goals

The collaboration between Santoni and Storeis started in July 2021 with the main goal of strengthening the upper funnel activities for the development of awareness and visibility of the brand. Specifically, three project goals were identified on which to measure the project results:

  • Reach existing targets and acquire new targets with an impactful brand message, increasing visibility and advertising exposure time
  • Increase trafficto the ecommerce site by obtaining quality sessions
  • Increase the frequency of exposure to messages to boost spontaneous recall and awareness

3. Key Wins

The main results we got were:

  • ~2 years (+1300% YoY) total time of advertisements viewed
  • +123% YoY sessions generated
  • -15% average bounce rate
  • +18% pages per session
  • +48% average session duration
  • +48%YoY average frequency of exposure to advertising messages

Considering the excellent wins achieved, starting from March 2022 the collaboration between the brand and Storeis has been extended to cover the entire marketing funnel, including performance-related activities.

+123% sessions generated yoy
-15% average bounce rate
+18% pages per session
+48% average session duration