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Social Advertising Strategy: leveraging Sponsorships & Collab to Launch New Products

Since 1996, Fizik has been enhancing the performance and comfort of cyclists by producing shoes and saddles for every two-wheeled discipline.

With a rich history of collaborations with the best teams and athletes worldwide, Fizik has consolidated its reputation as one of the most iconic and innovative brands for both amateur and professional cyclists.

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1. Goals:

Fizik has designed three models of road cycling shoes inspired by the Movistar cycling team and a new range of shoes and saddles for Triathlon

A social advertising strategy has been created to launch these products:

  • Increase website traffic volume and enhance engagement with multimedia content created for the launch.
  • Maximize product visibility by leveraging strategic sponsorships established by Fizik

2. Our Approach 

Building on Fizik’s existing sponsorships with athletes and the Movistar team, we proposed a synergistic combination of two campaign types to influence the consideration phase on parallel levels: 

  • Website Traffic: through traditional Meta campaigns targeting an audience potentially interested in the brand and products.
  • Social Engagement: using Partnership ads that maximize sponsorships and engage a highly targeted audience.



While these ads are typically made with the help of content creators and influencers, we proposed exploring the potential of using the expertise, visibility, and fame of the athletes involved on social media. These athletes:

  • Build a trusting relationship with followers.
  • Influence consumer decisions and preferences.

By extending sponsorships to the social profiles of the Movistar Team and the four British triathletes, targeted audiences were created, consisting of fans regularly interacting with their profiles. Implementing Meta Partnership Ads allowed Fizik’s profile to be associated directly with those of the partners, establishing a direct connection between the brand and internationally renowned athletes. 

3. Key wins 

Analyzing the various campaign types, Partnership Ads, despite equal spending, recorded a 5 times higher engagement rate than traditional campaigns. This engaged a smaller but more motivated audience, eager to interact with the social content of teams and athletes.
On the other hand, traditional campaigns were more effective in traffic, reporting a CTR twice as high as Partnership Ads.

Which campaign type should you choose for your product launch?

Both! Combining these types of campaigns made it possible to fully exploit sponsorship and influence the consideration phase on two levels: 

  • Generating website traffic: achieved through campaigns to increase sessions for an audience potentially interested in Fizik’s products and brand.
  • Social engagement with a smaller audience of highly sports-minded users who, through their sports idols, discover new brands to explore.

In short, with a social advertising strategy focused on partnerships, we created a synergic approach that improved website traffic and social engagement, capturing the attention of an audience highly interested in the Fizik brand.

5x engagement rate
2x CTR to te website