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cover hero fashion brand storeis case study

Laying the foundations for growth

This case regards a fashion brand specializing in the segment of premium womenswear, with excellent online awareness and a well-structured distribution network through more than 200 points of sale in Italy, Europe, Russia and the Far East. On-line sales have a penetration rate of 6% on the strength of a course towards internationalization of the business.

  • Industry
  • Areas of Expertise
    Consulting, Temporary Management, HR & Organization

1. Project Goals

The brand contacted us because the resignation of the Digital Director left a vacancy for the role of coordinator of the digital area during the pandemic.

The six-month mission had the following aims:

  •   To lead the ecommerce team during the absence of an in-house Digital Director
  •   To support business as usual and decisions on the subject of the Digital sector
  •   To identify strategic suppliers who can support the brand during its online growth process
  •   To define a strategic roadmap and a digital budget for 2021 in the main geographical areas (Italy, Europe, Russia and China)

To define the new organizational model for the digital area, supporting the HR team in its recruitment processes.

3. Key Wins

The Brand’s results on the conclusion of the collaboration activities were of great significance in the digital development and future of the company. Thanks to the new work group and the new digital director, the company was able to continue along its course of growth and digitalization with the following results: 

  • Growth in revenue after the take over: + 90% compared to the previous year
  • Team growth: from 3 to 8 people
+90% Revenue
+5 new people in team