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#Issue 3

STOREIS PAPER is a digital trend book that explores the latest trends and most interesting communication initiatives in the fashion, luxury, beauty, sports, and consumer electronics sectors. It is a space where collaborations, special projects, and unconventional creative campaigns converge, designed to inspire, anticipate trends, and stimulate curiosity.

The third edition of STOREIS PAPER is expanding even further, confirming the growing importance of collaborations between brands from different industries: fashion, sports, beauty, and consumer electronics are increasingly merging with each other, but also with art, cinema, and artificial intelligence, giving rise to unique projects in their kind.

Among these, within the third issue of STOREIS PAPER you can find:

  • Burberry Streets
  • Levi’s plant based
  • Guerlain’s digital exhibition dedicated to the Bee Bottle, created with AI
  • Cannondale x Vans
  • Alpinestars x Anti Social Social club

… much more!

At Storeis, we love to experiment, and in this edition, we have added a surprise: to discover it, download the Paper and use the Artivive app to scan the cover!



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