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#Issue 2

Sometimes different worlds, that look seemingly impossible to combine, can meet to create something unexpected and unique, arousing wonder in their audience.

In this second edition of the STOREIS PAPER, we have focused on convergences, highlighting how brands integrate and give life to projects, products, and collections that connect different audiences, offering them the opportunity to engage at a deeper level.

We explored the intersections between fashion and design, automotive and artificial intelligence, consumer electronics and TV series, beauty, sport, and sustainability. We have observed how these sometimes uncommon connections can generate innovative and one-of-a-kind projects, creating added value for consumers.

The STOREIS PAPER is a digital trend book that collects collabs, special projects, and creative campaigns that go beyond the standard. It is a safe space where different perspectives converge, anticipate trends, explore case studies, and let you immerse in the most exciting communication and content marketing initiatives.

Inside the second edition of the Storeis Paper you will find collabs, creative campaigns, and special projects; to mention a few:

  • Celine x Mini Moke
  • Coach’s AR showcase
  • Fjällräven x Specialized
  • Adidas x Prada
  • Satisfy x Oakley
  • Colnago Gioiello
  • Colnago Gioiello

…and many other special initiatives!



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