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#Issue 1

Every day we come across a lot of contents that leaves us speechless: collaborations, special projects, capsule collections, and other ideas that surprise us and interrupt our scrolling.

For this reason, we created Storeis Paper, a research through which we monitor and collect campaigns and special initiatives created by brands that stand out for their distinctiveness and recognizability.

STOREIS PAPER is a digital trend book, published bimonthly, where you can find our selection of the best content, branding, and communication activities for the fashion, luxury, beauty, sport, and consumer electronics industries

A meeting point between content marketing and media: a space in which we bring together different points of view and find inspiration, anticipate trends, explore case studies and look with curious eyes at the most interesting initiatives.

Inside the STOREIS PAPER you can find:

  • Collabs born from the convergence of multiple worlds, where brands meet art, music, and entertainment, or mix with creators, influencers, or other brands and turn into surprising capsule collections that make people talk about them
  • Creative, irreverent, exciting campaigns able to become trending topics on all platforms, but also some small hidden gem that deserves to be brought to light
  • Special projects: when brands become ambassadors of activities alongside their core business, expressiveness is at its best. It is an opportunity to discover more closely the values and identity of each brand.


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