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Storeis & Funnel: leveraging Data for Brand Success

At Storeis we take a strongly data-driven and performance-oriented approach in all our projects. That’s why we have been collaborating with Funnel, a marketing data hub, and have become Solutions Partners over time.

Funnel provides an intuitive, no-code platform that efficiently connects, stores, organizes, and shares data, offering a single source for measuring business performance concretely.

Our collaboration has strengthened over time due to mutual complementarity and a shared goal: fully harnessing the power of data to enhance digital marketing performance.

Together, we offer not only advanced data analysis and personalized data-driven consulting but also a comprehensive package of business advantages: decision-making agility, a unified view of digital and business data, and lightweight and scalable infrastructure. This array of solutions translates into tangible improvements in digital brand performance.

We interviewed Adam Knapp, Global Head of Solution Partners at Funnel, and Sebastiano Montino, Martech & Digital Analytics Director at Storeis, to gain insight into the partnership we have embarked upon.


Can you briefly tell us who you are and what you do?

ADAM: I’m the Global Head of Solution Partners at Funnel. I joined the team in October last year to accelerate the growth of our Partner Program globally. 

SEBASTIANO: I am Martech & Digital Analytics Director and Senior Partner in Storeis since April 2020, a position that allows me to combine my love of technology with the attraction for data analysis. My work is a continuous balance between data, marketing, and technology.


We would like to deepen some aspects of the partnership between Storeis and Funnel. Can you tell us how the partnership was born and the reasons on which it is based?

SEBASTIANO: the partnership between Storeis and Funnel began, like all great stories, a bit by chance and a bit by necessity. It was 2020, and one of our clients needed to implement Digital Business Intelligence. Funnel entered the picture with its cutting-edge solutions, and the collaboration proved so fruitful that we decided to continue working together, recognizing the immense opportunity it presented for both parties. Since 2022, we have been using Funnel internally to enhance our data analysis at Storeis, aiming to improve our performance and acquire new skills for the entire team. It has been a winning move that has opened up new perspectives and opportunities for our work.

“For Funnel their partners must have the same values. Both Storeis and Funnel believe in the importance of using your data to your advantage. While Funnel’s tool helps gather all this data, Storeis focuses on the analysis and results to continuously improve its clients’ marketing efforts.”

Adam Knapp, Global Head of Solution Partners at Funnel.

In particular, what are the specific advantages deriving from the use of a solution such as the one provided by Funnel and Storeis and how does this translate into an improvement in digital performance for brands?

ADAM: by using Funnel, a lot of time is usually spent on manually gathering data from various marketing data sources. This time can now be used for more valuable tasks for Storeis’ clients, like analyzing the data and optimizing their marketing. This way they can be quicker to suggest changes to get the best results.

SEBASTIANO: by combining the strengths of both companies, we can offer a wide range of benefits. Firstly, Funnel’s ability to collect and analyze data from multiple marketing sources aligns perfectly with Storeis’ performance-focused and data-driven approach. This combination provides a comprehensive and consistent view of the brand’s marketing landscape, allowing optimization based on concrete data. Furthermore, with the implementation of our Digital BI using tools like Google BigQuery and Google Looker Studio, we can create an easily deployable, highly scalable infrastructure that rapidly integrates digital data. This solution avoids the bulkiness of traditional BI systems and saves time and resources. The decisive advantage, however, comes from the ability to integrate business data, offering a unified and complete view between online and offline, crucial for comprehensive performance optimization, especially in the retail sector.

When is the implementation of a solution like this particularly suitable? What problems does it solve and what results can we expect?

ADAM: Funnel is a marketing data hub that is interesting for every marketer that has marketing activities spread out in various channels. Funnel lets you connect all the data, store and organize it, and then export it to a chosen destination. All while the partner and client can focus on the ultimate objective of analyzing and activating the data. 

SEBASTIANO: In an increasingly digitized world, businesses often find themselves navigating a vast amount of data from a variety of sources and platforms. Managing and analyzing this data can be a huge challenge, especially considering the speed at which the digital landscape changes and evolves.

“The combined approach of Funnel and Storeis allows for more efficient and effective data collection and analysis. The result is a tangible improvement in digital performance. Access to accurate and timely data enables faster and more informed decision-making, resulting in greater decision-making agility. Moreover, thanks to a lightweight and scalable infrastructure, businesses can expect increased efficiency and better resource utilization.”

What are the average implementation times?

ADAM: Funnel is a tool that can be easily configured without the need for coding. By connecting your data sources, you can implement Funnel in just a few hours! Data complexity plays a significant role in the final project’s realization when connected to Funnel. For this reason, we rely on the expertise of our partners to guide our clients toward the desired outcome as efficiently and simply as possible.

SEBASTIANO: The specific timeline for our services can vary depending on various factors, including the volume of data to be integrated, the complexity of data sources, and the client’s specific needs. Furthermore, configuring and implementing our Digital BI solution requires careful attention to ensure that the infrastructure is set up correctly and meets the client’s needs. Our experience indicates that the average timeline for a complete implementation typically ranges from 8 to 16 weeks, including onboarding, Funnel implementation, Digital BI configuration, and, if required, business data integration. Throughout the process, our team of experienced professionals will work closely with the client to ensure that the solution is implemented on time and fully meets their needs. The ultimate goal is to provide the client with a powerful and user-friendly data management system that can significantly enhance digital performance.

In summary, the partnership between Storeis and Funnel is based on the shared goal of leveraging data for success in digital marketing. This collaboration offers concrete benefits, including significant time savings in data management, decision-making agility, and a comprehensive view of digital and business data. Implementing this solution translates into a tangible improvement in digital brand performance.


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