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Sporting Goods: new scenarios and emerging trends in digital

We investigated new scenarios and emerging digital trends, related to the sports sector, by comparing data coming from different sources about the pre- and post-pandemic period. Our research focuses on some key markets and analyses the strong transformation underway, especially for the “new boomers” target.

The insight report identifies some main trends for the sporting goods market, such as:

  • the generation of new paradigms related to diversity and integration, sustainability, lifestyle and experience
  • the need to keep online investments sustainable despite the overall increase in acquisition costs

In this report you will find:

  • Some insights on the wake of the interest for sports in general and sporting goods in this peculiar historical period, by comparing pre- and after-pandemic life
  • An overview on costs and competition trends in this segment, based on the analysis of data from five Countries: US, UK, France, Italy and Germany
  • Tips and best practices to make digital marketing investments for the sports sector more effective




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