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Sporting Goods: a new digital scenario

The sport industry is experiencing a very peculiar moment: the past few months opened new scenarios for sports brands and retailers selling their goods online, as a different kind of demand and new market trends emerged.

This is a great opportunity that many online players have the chance to take advantage of, but they have to be able to give users the right answers to the new questions they are asking. After an overview of data and market trends, we decided to analyze this phenomenon focusing on players selling cycling, hiking and running goods, as well as sporting goods retailers.

In this report you will find:

  1. 1. An overview of new scenarios and emerging market trends

2. Ideas and examples from best-in-class brands and retailers about:

  • How to offer a new digital experience able to answer to new users’ needs
  • New business models and opening opportunities
  • The new relationship between sports brands and dealers

Here is a preview of some data from the report:

  • From April 2020, the interest for cycling has exploded: +50% YoY, with a peak of +108% for specific cycling accessories
  • Hiking is the fastest-growing activity compared to its average seasonality: +17% YoY
  • Local shops searches have grown more than ecommerce ones. Nevertheless, the interest for online retailers is doubled YoY


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