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Salesforce Commerce Cloud: CRO Best Practice

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is one of the most used ecommerce platforms. Unlike other systems, it natively allows you to manage some CRO optimization operations independently, without the support of a system integrator.

Based on our experience on over 30 SFCC ecommerce projects, we have identified some best practice on how to make the most of SFCC’s native features with a triple purpose:

  • Optimize internal research to increase income
  • Improve product sorting systems on ad pages with accurate data-driven systems
  • Activate A / B Tests to experience new platform features

In this report you will find:

  • A guide to using the main native features of SFCC for CRO: search-driven redirects, synonyms, hyperonyms, sorting rules, A / B testing, …
  • Tips for the dynamic management of product ordering on the pages from a CRO perspective
  • Processes to be adopted to make income more efficient by taking advantage of the platform’s native features


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