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Netcomm NetRetail Research 2023: the state of ecommerce in Italy

This year we participated in the Netcomm Forum supporting the implementation of the Netcomm NetRetail Research 2023, which focuses on tracking the progress of digital commerce in Italy.

Specifically, the research examines the impact of ecommerce and omnichannel strategies on Italian consumers’ purchasing behavior since 2014.

The recently published edition was a collaborative effort between Netcomm, Storeis, Banca Sella, BRT, Confcommercio Milano Lodi Monza e Brianza, EDI – Digital Ecosystem for Innovation, Oney, and Shopify.

Here are some of the key findings from the research:

  • The number of online shoppers in Italy remains steady at 33 million compared to 2022, primarily due to the increase in online purchases during the pandemic. A significant 57% of consumers are returning customers, making at least 1 online purchase per month.
  • There’s a return to purchasing services such as holiday stays and tickets for travel and events, which are expected to drive the highest growth in online sales for 2023.
  • On average, consumers consider 4.1 touchpoints, excluding search, before purchasing online. 54% of users visit the brand’s website before making a purchase, while 53% rely on product reviews. Word-of-mouth recommendations remain important and more considered than social media.
  • The customer journey varies across different sectors. For fashion consumers, the brand’s website serves as the primary touchpoint, while users interested in consumer electronics are more influenced by reviews and price comparison platforms.
  • Physical and online retail channels are becoming increasingly integrated. Online media are increasingly driving in-store purchases. For example, approximately 70% of sports equipment buyers consult at least one digital touchpoint before completing a transaction. In-store visits also play a crucial role, influencing 24% of online purchases.

The document, available only in Italian, offers much more valuable information you can access by downloading and filling in the form.

In the Netcomm NetRetail 2023 Research you will find:

  • Additional data on the current state and size of ecommerce in Italy.
  • Trends related to various touchpoints, payments, and delivery methods.
  • In-depth analysis of omnichannel strategies and the digitalization of the retail industry.




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