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Decoding the Gen Z: Culture, Trends and Behaviors

Gen Z is the first “digital-first” generation, and their identity has been shaped by digital, climate anxiety, a changing financial landscape, and the pandemic.

We created a report to understand the motivations and needs of this generation, which is one of the most difficult to decipher.

The research revealed that:

  • Gen Z those born between 1996 and 2010 – are the most digital generation yet. They connect with the world through video, and unsurprisingly, YouTube is their platform of choice. According to GWI, Instagram is Gen Z’s favorite social media site, with 29% of the vote. However, TikTok is gaining popularity, with a 33% increase in preference over last year
  • Y2K is the trend of the moment: Gen Z is bringing back the fashion and music of the 90s and early 00s. 37% of Gen Z look back at this era with nostalgia, seeing it as a simpler and more carefree time before the rise of social media (source: GWI).
  • Music – influenced by TikTok – and podcasts are ways for Gen Z to express themselves and discover new voices and perspectives. According to Spotify, in Italy in 2023, Gen Z listened to 3 billion podcast episodes, a big increase from 2022, when the figure was up 76%.

Inside our report you will find:

  • Some data on who Generation Z is, their purchasing behavior, and what their expectations are of brands
  • The visual language that it shares and the main cultural habits, with an overview of the preferences and interests of these young consumers
  • The key actions essential to be a brand that successfully embraces the needs of Gen Z


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