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Leverage the synergistic relationship between SEO and ADV to introduce a new brand on Amazon

“Home linens are our opportunity to express who we are in the space we live in. Choose it carefully.”

This is the motto of Ruggeri, the new brand from Gilania, a Lombard company that has been active in the production and marketing of sheets, towels, tablecloths, and textile products for decades. Ruggeri has always emphasized attention to detail and the use of fine and sustainable fabrics as its distinctive features.

    Home Linen
    Consulting, Online Advertising, SEO

1. Goals 

Gilania approached the Storeis team to plan together the launch of the new Ruggeri brand on Amazon and to have 360° support, which included the orchestration of the Marketing and Media planning, SEO Optimization, Amazon Ads, and Data Analysis.

The main challenge was to identify the optimal strategy for launching a new brand within the most-used marketplace in Italy. This entailed an analysis aimed at understanding how to enter an extremely competitive arena, but also the definition of the most suitable actions for a brand without a previous sales history and without best-selling products to rely upon.

The goals were then defined as follows:

  • Make the brand recognizable on the platform
  • Optimize the organic visibility of products
  • Maximize sales performance
  • Monitor KPIs and results effectively

2. Our Approach 

Given the absence of prior performance data, the initial activity consisted of an in-depth analysis of the catalog to develop a product structure that would guarantee balanced visibility across all categories, both on the brand page and in advertising campaigns.

The challenge was to minimize cannibalization between products while avoiding neglecting those with the highest potential. At the same time, it was crucial to coordinate SEO and Advertising activities.

In our experience, content optimization alone is insufficient to achieve good organic visibility. Amazon’s algorithm considers numerous factors in determining product placement within search results pages, including reviews, click-through rate, off-page factors, and, of course, conversion rate.

A new product from a brand that has recently launched on the marketplace will initially have difficulty acquiring organic visibility, even if it has high-quality images, titles, bulleted lists, well-structured back-end fields, and descriptive texts optimized for target and related keywords.

To ensure that, in the face of specific and relevant searches, it can emerge in prominent positions within the search results, third-party elements also come into play.


When dealing with a product that does not have a sales history behind it, which for example can not benefit from customer reviews and which initially records a low CTR, what can help a lot in gaining weight within Amazon is certainly the number of conversions.

A sales boost stimulated by advertising activities is therefore fundamental and a driving force for achieving good organic positioning.

In the initial phase of our project for Ruggeri, the configuration of the campaigns focused on establishing an intense interaction between automatic and manual Sponsored Products campaigns, to gradually and cyclically identify the products on which to increase advertising investments.

Automatic targeting allows you to exploit the platform’s algorithms to position product ads automatically. The campaigns that make use of this setting are designed to maintain a generally broad focus, as their role is to carry out ongoing prospecting by collecting insights and information —such as search terms, ASIN, and CPC— which are then used to set up the manual campaigns. The latter therefore guarantee greater precision on the budget to be allocated and the products to be sponsored, aiming for efficiency and maximizing returns on the investment.

This approach made it possible to distinguish, already in the first two months from the launch of the campaigns, the products capable of successfully competing on the market and generating sales. Furthermore, it offered a clear idea of the collections that most appealed to the public, which subsequently received further visibility through Sponsored Brand Campaigns.

3. Key Wins

  • Brand page Setup & Optimization

A multi-page brand page was created with trees and a layout optimized to adapt to the customer’s catalog and its evolution over time. Our consulting support in the creation of graphic assets reinforced the coordinated image between the various pages. In our experience, defining a criterion for the hierarchical structure of the products positively influences the conversion rate, as it facilitates the design of the campaigns and allows users to be sent to landing pages with collections of coherent products. As a result, budget dispersion is minimized.

  • Organic Catalog Optimization

We enhanced the organic visibility of the product sheets and increased the conversion rate through keyword research and competitor analysis, as well as the creation of specific A+ content templates. These templates utilize additional images and text to enrich the standard product page through the integration of modules with specific layouts (e.g., comparison tables) aimed at precisely satisfying the informational needs of users. These activities were instrumental in the generation of automated campaigns to optimize ad placements, creating a synergy between organic and paid that generated sales from the first days of online presence.

  • Full funnel Advertising

An annual advertising strategy was devised which enabled Ruggeri to confidently invest in the best-performing products from the very first months of operation. The campaigns were created from the ground up, with a focus on:
– A gradual progression through the various formats. The activation of all campaign types offered by Amazon Ads was planned to target users at every stage of the funnel and establish scalable objectives over time.
– A focus on linking Automatic and Manual Sponsored Products, with weekly optimizations. This allowed us to collect data and insights on potential best sellers, even though we were working with a new brand.

  • Analytics Dynamic Dashboard

The desire to facilitate the review of the results and KPIs identified in collaboration with the client led to the development of a customized monitoring tool that allows the results to be analyzed in an aggregated manner. The combination of these elements has triggered a positive growth trend, with an average increase in revenue of 20% week-over-week in the first 3 months following the launch and a 50% increase in sales volumes during the activation of both Sponsored Products Manuals and Sponsored Brands. Despite the cyclical and frequent injection of budget dictated by the initial structuring of the account, the ROAS remains stable at the safety threshold agreed upon with the client. Having immediately focused on identifying the best-performing categories allows us to always have a stable starting point to rely on when new tests do not go in the right direction, safeguarding the growth of returns over time.