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Supporting a collection launch through TikTok

Founded in 1968 by Gerolamo Etro and based in Milan, Etro is today a luxury brand with a global reach that boasts recognition from consumers worldwide. Etro’s international presence is based on a multi-channel strategy that makes the brand’s offer available in various markets, starting with around 140 flagship stores in over 58 countries in Europe, the United States, Russia, the Middle East, and APAC. Milan, London, Paris, New York, Beijing, and Tokyo are just some of the capitals in which Etro holds a solid presence.

Etro’s distribution network also includes 20 travel retail outlets that extend the brand’s shopping experience to major international airports and a careful selection of the main department stores and multi-brand boutiques on the wholesale channel.
Finally, the online channel plays an increasingly central role in making the Etro experience accessible to the end user, with the directly managed ecommerce website currently operating in Europe, the United States, and Japan, flanked by a series of exclusive partnerships with the most important digital sales channels on an international scale.

Since 2022 Etro has decided to invest in the TikTok channel to increase awareness among a younger audience, enthusiastically embracing the communication style of the platform.

  • Client
  • Sector
    Luxury Fashion
  • Areas of Expertise
    Digital Marketing, Online Advertising

1. Goals

We established with the Brand 3 main goals:

  • Boost visibility to the launch of the new Liquid Paisley capsule collection through online advertising activities
  • Improve brand awareness and consideration by working on the mid-to-upper funnel, making sure that the user could explore the collection and interact with the products
  • Test the effectiveness of TikTok as an innovative channel for the Brand

We wanted to test TikTok to confirm how it performs on the luxury segment, considering that:

  • 51% of users* use this platform to discover something new or interesting related to luxury products
  • 68% of luxury consumers* agree that TikTok content has been able to inspire the purchase of certain brands or products

2. Our Approach

The campaign focus was placed on 2 organic videos to be sponsored for 17 days, with male and female content. The videos were published on the brand’s official channel.

To achieve the pre-set results, we activated two campaigns via Sparks Ads for each country, with different purposes:

  • video views: optimize the time spent by the user on the content
  • collection: create an instant page that collects all the items in the capsule. Later, optimize the campaign for the in-app event linked to the opening of the instant page itself.

In terms of targeting, three different audiences were activated for each campaign:

  • Retargeting: users who had interacted with previous flights



  • Acquisition: users with interests related to the world of luxury fashion brands
  • Acquisition: users similar to the retargeting audience

As for the ad:

  • In the video view campaigns, two videos were included for each adgroup
  • In addition to the video, the collection instant page was added to the collection campaigns.

As regards the budget distribution, it was invested in two directions:

  • At the country level, we decided to spend large part of the budget in the most relevant markets for the Brand, i.e. the United States and Germany, and less in Italy
  • Concerning the campaign level, the split was initially 50% for each type.


3. Key Wins

  • 1.340 total hours of content viewed by profiled users interested in luxury fashion brands
  • more than 40% of the views of the collection generated a click on the product
  • – 27% CPM compared to other social platforms
  • +100% average video play time compared to other social platforms
  • The percentage of users who saw at least 75% of the video (+126%) doubled the result obtained on other social platforms
+40% views of the collection generated a click on the product
1.340 content viewed by profiled users