We love e-commerce stories, that’s why we are Storeis.

Think small, achieve big. Storeis is a small agency and we’re proud of it. Our size allows us to work closely together with the businesses we partner up with and provide focus and a flexible approach. Think of us as a custom tailor, delivering bespoke services based on your style, measurements and needs.

Hearing our business partners’ stories, each one of them unique and inspiring, motivates us to work harder and reach higher goals.

Let’s write a new story together.


We are a consulting firm, specializing in e-commerce and omnichannel retail.

We are agile: we move with dexterity across complex international contexts and large organizations, supporting their in-house teams in insourcing digital transformation. 

We work together: we enhance those competencies and skills that internal resources are more in demand through a knowledge-sharing process and a hands-on approach.

We put in practice: we translate C-level business strategies into operational plans. SEO, Digital Advertising, Analytics, UX and CRO are our main areas of expertise.

The value of what we do is the problems that we’ve solved.


We revolutionize the way retail is done today by:

* Working side by side with companies that we collaborate within a continuous process of growth and business acceleration.

* Connecting people, skills and opportunities. Digital and otherwise.

* Exploring new ways to transform ideas and projects into success stories.

Our Values
  • Relationship

    We believe in cultivating relationships as a way to share, to create solid bonds, and to improve. We want that working together would be an enjoyable discovery and a sincere welcome. We want you to feel at home.

  • Transparency

    Challenging ourselves with ambitious goals to bring tangible results is what we love most along with a thorough data- and fact-driven approach. The reason is simple: for us, transparency is a prerequisite of trust and a fundamental characteristic of our work.

  • Proactivity

    Curiosity and pragmatism are part of our DNA. We never settle for the “good enough”: we always go that extra mile to foresee and anticipate the needs of our clients, while developing tailored-made action plans to deliver effective solutions for each project.

  • Personality

    We believe in people and personalization, in a tailored and inclusive approach, that starts with a conversation and stems from a deep understanding of individual needs. We play together: we are an agile and cohesive team that strives for turning every project into a success story.

We must never settle for “good enough,”
because good is the enemy of “great”

Tony Hsieh, Zappos