Digital Export Pills: Focus on the Fashion Industry

A deepdive on global growth opportunities offered by international markets in the high-end fashion industry.


Thanks to our partnership with the Google International Growth Program, we have been launching a new format of digital export pills to give a snapshot of the latest trends and opportunities in international markets.


In particular, the focus of this first report is on the high-end fashion industry, the so-called Fashion Designer Brand segment, and includes a comparative analysis between the countries deemed most relevant for the market of reference with the aim of:


1. Providing an analysis on the consumer interest for the sector at international level


2. Identifying the most relevant markets to approach for global expansion


3. Outlining the best practice to follow to enter effectively the Japanese market: payment methods, customer care, checkout and logistics

In this report you will find:

  • An overview of the interest in fashion in international markets
  • An analysis of the search volumes of the queries in the sector of reference
  • A focus on the Japanese market, the most promising country in terms of growth
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