Temporary Management

We help companies that want to successfully bring competencies back in-house. Covering skill gaps and providing on-the-job training, Storeis offers a solution that works even long-term, equipping your team with a customized ready-to-use framework.

What we do

We offer support and we supply a solution that allows the client’s team to broaden its skills and filling its gaps and directly dealing with the activity of the company, in order to offer a work framework consisting of processes and methods. How do we do it? Through an on-the-job training aimed at insourcing.

We can deal with the following types of activities:

  • Do you need help managing one of your projects? We provide an Interim Management Team, lending you targeted support when and where it’s needed.
  • Do you need onsite or remote support? We develop a support plan that is tailored uniquely to your needs, supplying the expertise of our team in Digital Marketing, Analytics, SEO and User Experience.

Storeis team is expert in on-site support for its clients. Our clients work in
different sectors and have various sizes. We support them in managing
e-commerce, business intelligence and digital marketing projects.

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